How to Fix a Leaky Pipe

A home pipe is essential to keep things properly running in your plumbing system. But if the pipe fails, it can lead to serious issues for homeowners. Leaking pipes are not always immediately visible, which is why homeowners only discover the problem after significant damage has occurred. If you notice a leaking pipe in your home, don’t ignore it. 


You can do quick repairs until Clarkston plumbing experts arrive and diagnose the problem. Always shut off your home’s main water supply if there’s a problem. Switch off the valves under the sink if you see leaks in the sink or below the drain. Shutting off the water sources will limit the damage and waste of water. Here are the other things that you can do: 

1. Find temporary fixes until the professionals arrive.  

If the pipe is excreting water and there’s no time to get supplies from a store, try using some items that you have available. Try sticking a pencil into the hole if it’s small enough. You can always try wrapping the pipe using electric tape.  cord and use the putty if it leaks. Doing these should give you more time for the professionals to arrive and repair the problem permanently.  

Some people use a rubber strip to wrap around the leaky pipe and then use a C-clamp along with some wooden blocks to keep it in place. Just don’t clamp it down so hard that you’re bending the pipe and damage it even more. Doing these things can minimize the damage and enables you to maintain water running in the other parts of your home. You should then call a trusted plumber to fix the problem or buy materials from the store to give those pipes a permanent fix. 

2. Use a patch. 

Patching the pipe is better than using some of the items listed above. Pipe wraps and epoxy compounds can be used on all types of pipes and they can keep cracks and leaks in check. This also makes sure that the pipes remain in place until it’s fully repaired or replaced.  

In most cases, it is better to install new pipes instead of repairing the damaged ones. This is a quick fix that allows you to do that repair later when you have the time for it or wait until the next available plumber comes to your home. 

3. Call for help.  

Although this approach may not be as simple as the two others, a plumbing specialist can quickly and easily fix a variety of leak problems. They also have the equipment and tools to do the job well. This will also make your home’s plumbing fixed in no time. Their fix will be permanent and reliable. It means that you can rest easy, knowing that the pipes are not going to burst anytime. Professional plumbers are experienced, skilled and licensed. They can fix almost all types of water pipes. Plumbers may also remove the broken pipe segment and replace it. 

It is difficult to fix leaking pipes by yourself. You can mitigate any leak in your home by simply following these three quick fixes. But don’t forget to hire the professionals, as they are the ones that can fully help you with the problem. 

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